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A Broken Student Loan System: Betrayal of the American Dream

Brief #26—Education Policy Summary Seth Frotman, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)’s Assistant Director and Student Loan Ombudsman, has resigned after sweeping changes were made in recent months by the Bureau’s new leadership headed by CFPB Director,...

California Wildfires Contend With Environmental Politics

Brief #39—Environment Policy Summary Northern California is on fire. Throughout the summer, over 500,000 acres of Northern California has been up in flames, and has so far amounted in at least eight fatalities. One of the three massive fires has since been...

Trump Rolls Back Endangered Species Act

Brief #38—Environment Policy Summary The Trump administration has rolled back the Endangered Species Act, a policy that has been in place for the last 45 years having been put in place by Richard Nixon. In the past, the Act has protected a laundry list of...

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