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Betsy DeVos Special Olympics Cuts

Policy Summary The Department of Education’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year led to scathing criticism this week. In particular, the suggestion made by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ to eliminate funding for the Special Olympics was met with disbelief...

DeVos Rescinds Special Education Guidances

Policy Change Announced on October 2, 2017  Summary Stating that the move would in no way impact the services currently received by disabled students, DeVos rescinded 72 special education guidance documents that her department referred to as “outdated, unnecessary or...

Student Protections from For-Profit Universities Postponed

Rollback of Guidances Announced on Jule 14, 2017 Policy Summary Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has postponed the implementation of two Obama era guidances aimed at protecting students from predatory for-profit colleges. The rules that were set to go into effect on...

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