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US-China Business Council

US-China Business Council

The pre-eminent advocate for constructive and results-oriented engagement between the US and China, the US-China Business Council(USCBC) was founded in 1973 on the back of Richard Nixon’s presidential visit to China. In the last 45 years, the USCBC has sought to eliminate trade and investment barriers between China and the US and cultivate a mutually beneficial partnership for US and Chinese business.

USCBC have summarised their top priorities as continuing to solidify the foundation for mutually beneficial commerce, reducing trade barriers and protectionism, ensuring competitive neutrality and strengthening the adherence to mutually beneficial innovation.

USCBC put out frequent briefs scrutinizing the mutual investments between China and the US and establish entrepreneurial and governmental events to foster engagement between players in both countries.

The growing tension and focus on trade barriers and tariffs between the two countries has seen USCBC take on a notably more substantial role. With key Trump administration policies running the risk of escalating a trade war, USCBC has found itself playing arbiter in attempting to placate the two countries. With other major policy areas such as North Korea and Russia having implications on the current trade relations between the US and China, USCBC find itself as one of the foremost voices in a particularly contentious area of trade policy.

Website: https://www.uschina.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/USChinaBusiness
Twitter: https://twitter.com/USChinaBusiness
E-mail: info@uschina.org


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