The Electronic Privacy Information Center

The Electronic Privacy Information Center

EPIC, The Electronic Privacy Information Center, is a public research center based in Washington DC. The organization was founded in 1994 amid the birth of the public Internet in order to protect privacy, freedom and expression in the Information Age. Combined with research, education and publications, EPIC has often entered into litigation and advocacy in order to fight back against infringements on its mission.

In recent years, EPIC has taken the likes of Google, SnapChat and Facebook to task at the US Federal Trade Commission for activities in contravention of privacy laws. In addition, EPIC took the Department of Homeland Security to court in 2011, which led to the removal of X-ray scanners in airports. EPIC is currently in litigation with the Federal Aviation Administration concerning the need for privacy regulations prior to the deployment of commercial drones.

With a diverse and highly informed advisory board, EPIC has applied its mission to a wide range of issues that run afoul of privacy and freedom in the 21st century. They have set up a multitude of projects, such as the Consumer Privacy Project, which endorses the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights and fights for a consumer’s right to privacy, and the EPIC Administration Law Project, which works to compel federal agencies to adhere to privacy practices.

In the ever-expanding Information Age, EPIC remains at the centre of digital rights and privacy rights advocacy.

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