Sierra Club

Sierra Club

One of the most established and seasoned environmental non-profits in the United States, Sierra Club has focused its primary efforts on promoting sustainable energy, mitigating global warming and opposing coal. As well as developing its own outreach and influence as an organization, Sierra Club has a two-fold mission statement: to achieve ambitious and just climate solutions, and to explore, enjoy and protect America’s natural environments.

The Sierra Club has played a vital role in championing landmark legislation, such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. With local chapters and regional lobbying power, Sierra Club has exerted its message on the micro and macro level, not only in protecting natural environs, but also in encouraging outdoor activities.

In regard to policy, Sierra Club has demonstrated a long-standing accordance with environmental progressive values. In addition to its primary efforts, Sierra Club has also repeatedly opposed the construction of dams because of environmental fallout and has demonstrated against the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipeline. While its message has been less defined on issues such as immigration and housing, it remains one of the pre-eminent progressive non-profits in the environmental field.


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