Resistance School

Resistance School

Founded in 2017 in the months following the election of President Trump, The Resistance School is the brainchild of the Harvard graduate community. The school was set up in order to find a way to contribute to renewed political activism in America.

The Resistance school offers both educational materials and resources for community mobilization in order to connect individuals with the organizations that are in line with their mission. The training that the school provides is led by renowned political campaigners and organizers in order to encourage and empower the seasoned activist and the newcomer alike.

By offering the necessary resources and support to individuals who want to fulfil the schools mission of inclusivity, fairness and equity, The Resistance School is attempting to combat the erosion of democracy and bolster the role of collective political action. The Resistance School offers classes in organization, team building, voter interaction and movement building.

With a teaching contingent including Robert Reich, the former Secretary of Labor, revered political lecturer Marshall Ganz and current New York Assemblyman Michael Blake, the Resistance School offers up a diverse and credible array of voices and perspectives in order to empower and encourage wider political involvement.

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