Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) is an advocacy and informational organization bent on protecting privacy in the digital age. Through educational materials, articles and public awareness, PRC brings to light individual cases and common stories across the consumer landscape in order to bring attention to key issues.

PRC helps the public by providing a complaint center for members of the public to report privacy violations and poor privacy practices. Moreover, PRC offers expert advice on privacy protocol in the consumer landscape, also providing consumer guides on privacy protection laws.

In addition, PRC has offered expert advice and knowledge on privacy-related stories for journalists and other media outlets. PRC has also supported policymakers looking to buttress legislation with expert data in the privacy arena.

In recent times, PRC has worked to combat the unauthorized dissemination by schools of children’s personal information, the location tracking of Google, even when a customer has opted out of the feature, and breaches in private healthcare information.

At a time when consumer privacy has never been so important, PRC demonstrates a stalwart commitment to representing and supporting the consumer.

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