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Lawyers Coordinating Committee

Lawyers Coordinating Committee

The Lawyers Coordinating Committee (LCC) is an organization comprised of more than 2100 lawyers and 500 firms and union legal departments. Its main focus is to provide legal support and assistance for unions across the country.

The LCC’s mission is four-fold. First, the LCC works to assist and facilitate its members in representing their union clients. Second, the LCC mobilizes lawyers to support and protect legislation and political priorities that pertain to the core principals of the LCC, namely labor law reform, judicial nominations and voter protection. Third, the organization offers education, technical assistance and networking opportunities to members and lawyers working for unions. Fourth, LCC aids in the recruiting and retaining of lawyers in order to practice labor law.

In addition to its four major roles in assisting the execution of labor law, the LCC runs the Minority Outreach Program in order to aid minority law students and encourage greater inclusivity among LCC members. The organization also runs the LCC Law School Outreach Project in order to promote union-side labor law as a viable career and stress its public interest role.

The recent pushback against unions and their role in industries throughout the USA has positioned the LCC as a primary resource in combating legislation and political agendas that are looking to undermine industry unions.

Website: http://lcc.aflcio.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lawyers-Coordinating-Committee-LCC-164005550296686/
Contact: lcc@aflcio.org


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