Families USA

Families USA

Families USA describes its vision as providing “the best health and health care equally accessible to all.” Combining policy expertise with local, regional and national partnerships in the social and political sphere, Families USA strives for solutions that continue to expand healthcare quality and availability.

With a specific focus on coverage, health equity, healthcare value and consumer engagement, Families USA takes an across-the-board approach to elevating the status of healthcare in the USA.

Families USA have taken on particular initiatives, including a drive to lower the cost of prescription drugs, enhance the benefits of child health insurance and expand the availability of oral health. In reporting government policy on such issues advocating policy that works to further combat these issues, Families USA proactively tackles health-related issues through the guidance of industry experts.

While in many ways Families USA attempts to stay non-partisan, the organization has made its message clear as an avid defender of the Affordable Care Act. Through social media, grass-roots encouragement and protests, Families USA has lobbied hard for Congress to maintain the Obama administration policy.

With several surveys suggesting that the number of uninsured in the USA has grown in the last year, Families USA have blamed the uncertainty and poor policy of the Trump administration as the reason for regressing recent success. With the Trump administration looking to continually erode the Affordable Care Act, Families USA have seen their work go into overdrive since 2017.

Website: http://familiesusa.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FamiliesUSA/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/familiesusa
Contact: info@familiesusa.org

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