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FairVote is one of the leading advocates for structural electoral reform in the United States. Through strategic advocacy, partnerships and influential research, Fair Vote works to inform policy and make sure that every vote and every voice counts in US elections.

In 2014, national election turnout was its lowest since 1942 and primary and local election turnout was even lower. US democracy has clearly not been working. Organizations like FairVote have made it their mission to rectify the democratic flaws in a polarized political arena and establish a voting system that is free and fair.

Boiled down to three primary principles – fair representation, fair elections and fair access – FairVote works in a variety of different ways to uphold and champion these ideals. FairVote is a huge advocate for Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) and has helped install such systems in a variety of local elections. In addition, FairVote has worked towards an “opt-out” system rather than an “opt-in” in order to achieve higher voter registration and more democratic involvement. Finally, they have also worked fervently to combat gerrymandering and cultivate a system that can allow voters to be fairly represented.

By addressing these structural and political barriers, FairVote is seeking to bring power back to the voter and make our democracy adhere more fully to its principles.


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