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America’s Voice

America’s Voice

America’s Voice has been buttressing pro-immigration reform since its inception in 2008. From a finger-on-the-pulse approach to immigration stories around the country to workers’ rights advocacy and the promotion of undocumented immigrants’ rights, America’s Voice has a multi-faceted approach to bettering the opportunities and resources for immigrants in America. With a further focus on guaranteed and fully enforced rights for immigrants, the core values of America’s Voice speak to the plight of the 11 million Americans-in-waiting that are seeking documentation.

America’s Voice has been a vocal proponent of the DREAM Act, proposed multi-phase legislation that would first grant conditional residency and then permanent residency for those illegally brought into the US as minors. During the Trump administration, America’s Voice has provided forceful opposition to the government’s policies on refugees, the border wall with Mexico and the treatment of undocumented immigrant families.

America’s Voice has also taken keen interest in raising awareness and support for individually cases, with petitions and public advocacy for asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants in California, Arizona, Georgia and several other states.

Founded by Frank Sharry, the former executive director of the National Immigration Forum Centro Presente for Central American refugees in Boston, America’s Voice has offered a national platform for immigration issues, highlighting the personal stories and the broad legislative activity. With Trump’s contentious policies of travel bans and the border wall, America’s Voice continues to find itself at the focal point of a divisive political topic.

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