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The Education Domain tracks and reports on policies that deal with school choice, student loans, curriculum reform efforts, teacher unions, students with disabilities, affirmative action, minority students, vocational training and higher education. This domain tracks policies emanating from the White House, the Department of Education and state legislatures.

Latest Education Posts


Suggestions for Teaching About January 6th

Brief #65 – Education
By Lynn Waldsmith

As the House committee investigating the January 6th attack on the Capitol gains momentum, teachers throughout the country are struggling more than one year later with how, or even if, to teach students about that pivotal event and its impact on our democracy.

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Students Abandon Class and Demand Remote Learning During COVID Spike

Brief #64 – Education Policy
By Yelena Korshunov

“Is my child safe in school?” This is a question that millions of parents ask themselves today. Remote learning vs. in-person. In-person vs. remote. Multiple pros and cons, dipped in wordy discussions without being resolved, challenge students and their parents to solve this dilemma on their own. On Monday, January 10th, the New York City Department of Education reported 11,825 students and 2,298 staff COVID cases.

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Critical Race Theory a Critical Pedagogical and Political Issue

Brief #63 – Education Policy
By Stephen Thomas

Years ago, segregationists relied on the states to pass laws to exclude black students from their children’s schools. Today, their objective is to exclude blacks from the social studies curriculum. Either way, it is a movement centered on the debate about a crucial campaign issue that arose in the Virginia governor’s race and will rise again in the congressional mid-term elections and in state-level elections in 2022.

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Pandemic Related Mental Health Crisis Hits U.S. Schools

Brief #62 – Education Policy
By Lynn Waldsmith

Therapy dogs. Sensory rooms with comfy furniture, tents and weighted blankets. Playing with sand or building with Legos. These are the kinds of things that many schools throughout the country are making available to students when they need a break or when it just becomes too hard to cope in the classroom. But it’s not about fun and games.

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Schools Are Failing to Teach Climate Change

Brief #61 – Education Policy
By Lynn Waldsmith

Global warming is, above all else, a looming crisis for children.

With extreme weather events such as heat waves and wildfires expected to rise in frequency, intensity and duration under global warming, it should come as no surprise that younger generations will face many more such events over their lifetimes compared to their parents and grandparents. In fact, a new survey published in Science magazine predicts children born in 2020 could face seven times more climate disasters than those born in 1960.

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Why Universal Pre-K is So Important

Brief #59 – Education Policy
By Lynn Waldsmith

The evidence is overwhelming that children who attend preschool not only dramatically improve the quality of their own lives but the welfare of their communities. Yet, far too many kids aren’t able to attend because their parents simply can’t afford it. President Biden is hoping to change that by making universal pre-K a reality, if Congress passes the $1.8 trillion American Families Plan.

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Critical Race Theory Debate Rages On

Brief #58 – Education Policy
By Lynn Waldsmith

As millions of K-12 students head back to school in the coming weeks, many conservative lawmakers and anxious parents continue to rail against what they see as the dangers of teaching critical race theory, or CRT, in the classroom. But the reality is that myths and misinformation about CRT are based in fear and being perpetuated as a political tool.

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We rely on donations from our readers to support the news we bring you.

Donations of any size are welcome, and will be used to support our mission of providing insightful public policy reporting. Thanks.