The Education Domain tracks and reports on policies that deal with school choice, student loans, curriculum reform efforts, teacher unions, students with disabilities, affirmative action, minority students, vocational training and higher education. This domain tracks policies emanating from the White House, the Department of Education and state legislatures.

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The Effect of Unpaid Student Loans on the Economy

Brief #92 – Education Policy Brief
by: Arvind Salem

Explore the economic ramifications of unpaid student loans amid the backdrop of the CARES Act and subsequent policy measures enacted by Presidents Trump and Biden. Delve into the complexities of student loan forgiveness proposals, legal challenges, and the efficacy of existing relief programs like the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) initiative.

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A Better Path to Repaying Student Loan Debt

Brief #91 – Education Policy Brief
by: Rudolph Lurz

President Biden’s approach to student loan forgiveness, initially marked by a broad cancellation proposal, has evolved towards expanding the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program and implementing income-driven repayment plans. This shift aligns more closely with traditional Democratic values and offers a more sustainable solution for managing student debt.

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An Unconstitutional and Dangerous State Trend: Chaplains as School Counselors

Brief #223 – Civil Rights Policy Brief
by: Rodney A. Maggay

As state legislatures across the nation flirt with the dangerous notion of substituting unqualified chaplains for trained school counselors, the fundamental principle of separation between church and state is under dire threat. By permitting unlicensed individuals to wield influence over vulnerable students’ mental health and social well-being, these policies jeopardize not only constitutional freedoms but also the safety and welfare of countless students.

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The Chilling Effect of Republican Education Policy

Brief #90 – Education Policy Brief
by: Rudolph Lurz

This article delves into the chilling effect of Republican education policies, particularly exemplified by initiatives such as Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. It explores how vague legislation is causing educators and students to self-regulate their speech and behavior, stifling freedom of expression in classrooms and beyond.

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The Future of Quality Education Lies in the Past: How Liberal Arts Education Provides a Way Forward for Critical Thinking

Brief #89 – Education Policy Brief
by: Rudolph Lurz

Exploring the intricate interplay between STEM and liberal arts education, Rudolph Lurz unveils a compelling narrative advocating for a balanced approach to fostering critical thinking in American schools. By spotlighting the overlooked value of liberal arts disciplines, Lurz ignites a crucial conversation about the future trajectory of quality education in the United States.

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AI and the Dumbing Down of Education

Brief #88 – Education Policy Brief
by Rudolph Lurz

In many ways, 2023 was the year of AI. ChatGPT is ubiquitous in boardrooms and classrooms alike. Its usage is prevalent across grade levels and industries. In short, AI bots can provide full essays for students… The technology is progressing faster than school districts’ capacity to keep up with it.

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