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Swing-State Races

As we continue to look back at key races in swing states we return to Florida, where we initially looked at a potential upset race in district 16.  Democrat Margaret Good was facing a large uphill battle against incumbent Vern Buchanan, who is well-known for being the...


USRESIST NEWS VOTER CHECKLIST: NOVEMBER 3,  2020 ELECTION USRESIST NEWS has published this checklist as a guide to help ensure that all Click here to download your own Voter Checklist Voters cast their 2020 election ballots in a safe and timely manner. It is the most...

Congressional Campaign Update #9

Earlier this year we identified several senate races that are key to the democrats retaking a majority. Now, only two months from elections, we are taking a chance to revisit these races to see where ground has been won and lost. We will first return to Arizona, where...

Latine Life, An Often Overlooked but Important Minority

Rosalind Gottfried Economics June 30, 2020 Summary The Latine population will comprise the largest group of nonwhite, non Hispanic voters in the 2020 election at 13% of eligible voters, up from 9% in 2008.  Thirty two million Latine voted in the 2018 election.  At 18%...

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