Suggestions for the Democratic Party’s Foreign Policy Platform

OP ED | By: US Renew Democracy News | March 29, 2024
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We are living in an inter-connected, interdependent world. Any going back to an isolationist foreign policy, as the Republicans seem to suggest, would be unrealistic and counter-productive to US interests. On the other hand continuations of the reckless overseas  military interventions, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, would be greatly unpopular and foolish.

The Democratic Party needs to adopt a foreign policy that combines a continued emphasis on  protecting US national security with a strong commitment to promoting a democratic world order.  We should continue our effort to build alliances with democratic countries to counter the aggressive actions of authoritarian states such as Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and others. We should collaborate with other countries and the United Nations to curtail conflicts within and between nations and address the humanitarian and governance needs of failed states like Haiti, Sudan, and Syria. We should work with like-minded countries to contain the spread of weapons of mass destruction and hopefully eliminate them.

Bringing a just end to  wars in Ukraine and Gaza should be a major goal of US foreign policy. Continued American funding and strategic support for Ukraine in their conflict with Russia should be a top priority. Russia’s expansionist efforts in Ukraine and elsewhere should  be contained. The Biden administration must moderate its weapons support for Israel until and unless they stop their  seemingly genocidal-like war in Gaza. Aid to Palestinians in Gaza must be allowed to flow freely, and the US should join the chorus of other nations advocating for a two state solution to the Palestinian situation. Hamas must be branded as a terrorist organization and their efforts curtailed.

We  should maintain our mixed  policy of cooperation, competition, and containment towards the Chinese. The South China Sea should remain an open waterway, and the independence of Taiwan should be protected. Trade with China should be sanctioned but carefully reviewed to guard against price gouging, US worker displacement and goods that contaminate the environment.

The United States should work to strengthen the fairness and effectiveness of global institutions  starting with the United Nations, and participate their efforts to deal with global issues such as climate change, immigration, world health, human rights, and the misuse of social media.

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