What to Expect During the First January 6th Committee Open Hearings

Elections & Politics Policy Brief #37 | By: Maureen Darby-Serson | June 6nd, 2022

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Peter Navarro charged with contempt of Congress for failing to comply with Jan. 6 committee.

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Policy Summary

On Thursday June 2nd, the January 6th committee announced when it would hold its first round of public hearings. The first open hearing will be Thursday, June 9th at 8pm. Primetime. No other details were released, but more information would be made available next week. For example, no witness list was published.

This announcement was made a day after former Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman called text messages on Mark Meadow’s phone scary. He then went on to described Meadows as the “MVP” for the committee and that the texts showed a “roadmap” to the January 6th riots, starting as early as November 3rd.

In addition to the public hearing announcement, the Department of Justice has filed criminal charges against Former Trump White House Official Peter Navarro for failing to comply with a subpoena the January 6th committee sent to him months ago. He has spent his time since he was served with the subpoena fighting in court representing himself unsuccessfully. Normally, the DOJ allows an individual to self-surrender, but they considered Navarro a flight risk, so they arrested him at an airport in Nashville. He faces up to one year in prison.

Policy Analysis

So, what should you expect on the first days of the hearings? Assuming it is like most committee hearings, each member will get time to make an opening statement. This will set the stage for the future public hearings and will likely give the first look into the overarching findings of the committee. 

They have spent months combing through thousands of emails and text messages, looking through intelligence data, and speaking with witnesses present on that day. These smaller details will likely be presented in later public hearings.

Mark Meadow’s text messages and information from him seem to be a big player in the committee’s investigations and will likely be a large part of these public hearings.

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Mark Meadows’ 2,319 text messages reveal Trump’s inner circle communications before and after January 6. The lies and delusions revealed in Mark Meadows’ texts are already poisoning the next election.

Photo taken from: CNN

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January 6th Committee Hearings – https://january6th.house.gov/committee_activity

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Anderson Cooper Interview with Denver Riggleman


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