Brief # 107 – Health and Gender Policy

Biden’s Global Vaccine Distribution Plan: More Than Just a Show

By Justin Lee


June 5, 2021

Policy Summary

On June 3rd 2021, President Biden announced a plan to distribute over 25 million COVID vaccines globally; a new and separate initiative to the already $4 billion US has committed to COVAX. Under this agreement, 19 million doses will be dedicated to COVAX, which will distribute 6 million doses to Latin America and the Caribbean, 7 million doses for south and southeast Asia, and 5 million doses for Africa. The remaining 6 million doses will be shared with countries experiencing surges and US partners and neighbors.


The implications from this plan goes further than a mere “be a good guy” persona. Americans and world leaders should embrace this plan as a recognition and extension of several objectives from the Biden administration:

Recognition the COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis that requires a global response

As all 50 states have relaxed COVID restrictions and vaccination among adults surpassed 50%, it is easy for Americans to forget that COVID continues to rampage across the world. High-density countries such as India, Brazil, and Japan continue to struggle with alarming COVID positivity rates, crumbling health infrastructures, and inability to gain access to vaccine supply. New variants continue to emerge from these COVID hotspots, and the possibility of a total vaccine-resistant variant is always possible (though unlikely).

As long as the world continues to see COVID hotspots, countries will still have to remain vigilant and the pandemic cannot come to an end. This plan is a sign of recognition the Biden administration acknowledges this fact and understands the importance of getting COVID under control via vaccines for the benefits of public health and local economies.

Restoration of the US being a global leader and advocate for public health

Much to the dismay for the rest of the world, the previous administration pulled out of the WHO, spread misinformation about COVID, and failed to implement mask mandates. The Biden administration has and continues to take a drastically different approach in leading initiatives to control and end the COVID-19 pandemic. From set vaccination goals to implementing global dose distribution plans like today, President Biden continues to instill confidence and guidance to other global leaders and allies that public health is a priority and a human right; not a privilege.

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