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MIS-C: What is it, and Why it Matters

By Justin Lee

February 24, 2021 


There are multiple reports of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (in children, MIS-C) being seen across the world shortly after the onset of COVID-19. Children and teen patients with MIS-C can suffer from inflammation that can limit blood flow throughout the body, exposing danger to major organs such as the heart, kidneys, and other organs. While cases, which have ranged from ages 2 to 15 years, have been considered rare the outcome can be dangerous if left untreated. MIC-C can be treated with drugs that can control the inflammation and prevent prolonged, permanent organ damage.

These onsets and continued uncertainty affect President Biden as he continues to gear America for reopening and reestablishing a sense of normalcy. Should high-contact environments, like schools or entertainment venues, be reopened considering the spread of MIS-C?



Before this question is addressed, it is important to outline that most children who are infected with COVID-19 have mild illness. It is rare that pediatric patients with COVID develop MIS-C, and most these cases are treated with early medical care. Current studies do link children with MIS-C with COVID-19 antibodies, but it is unclear which variant these children were infected with. More studies with analysis are needed to confirm whether or not certain variants expose pediatric patients more to MIS-C than other variants.

MIS-C joins a number of obstacles that fuel uncertainty of determining how much longer the pandemic will go on. In combination of different variants and the still trickling vaccine distribution, America reopening to a sense of normalcy seems distant. And that is correct. Protocols for face coverings, routine testing, and social distancing will not go away this year. Viruses have and will continue to mutate, and President Biden should focus on deciding factors for reopening; factors like COVID-19 hospitalization rates, new infection rates, and percentage of vaccinated or antibody-positive Americans. These factors should be considered when taking steps to reopen for all high contact environments like schools and restaurants.

As of mid-February, only 11.5% of American shave been vaccinated. However, with vaccines beginning to be distributed in nationwide pharmacies along with the likely Emergency Use Authorization approval for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine should help boost vaccination and COVID protection efforts worldwide. There will continue to be new obstacles to rid the pandemic, but America has to be hopeful that hope and progress for normalcy is clearly visible and welcome news.

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