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Brief # 14 Election News

The Georgia Runoff Election: Who Will Win?

By William Borque

January 4, 2021

Reporter William Bourque is US Resist News’s elections correspondent and has had continued coverage of US Elections through election day.  We will continue to have coverage of the Senate races in Georgia as control of the Senate remains in the balance.

Early voting for the Senate runoffs has finished in Georgia, and the races are closer than ever.  As candidates  and their colleagues in the senate clash over stimulus checks and Covid restrictions, democrats, republicans, and independents alike have begun to cast their ballots.  As we saw in the initial senate elections in Georgia, there isn’t much that separates the candidates, especially with the incredibly high turnout in urban areas like Atlanta.  According to the Secretary of State of Georgia, over 1.1 million Georgians have cast ballots that will determine the balance of the Senate.

In the race between David Perdue and Jon Ossoff, it seems that Ossoff may be gaining an edge.  According to polling data collected by FiveThirtyEight, Ossoff holds a narrow, 1 percentage point lead.  As early voting closes and the polls open on January 5th, many think that Perdue’s loyalty to the President may end up being his downfall, as those who still seek to overturn the election of Joe Biden are being seen as increasingly delusional by their compatriots.  Perdue has also been one of several key votes against a new bill which would put stimulus checks up to $2000 into the pockets of many struggling Americans.  Ossoff has been campaigning hard on the fact that he would be highly in favor of a new, larger economic stimulus bill.  With Ossoff’s poll numbers trending upwards, we expect that he will score a tight victory to become the youngest sitting U.S Senator.

In the race that features Kelly Loeffler and Reverend Raphael Warnock it appears that Loeffler has too much firepower to lose.  Loeffler, a multi-millionaire, has largely been funding her own campaign, and it seems as though she has a key advantage, given the vote totals in the initial November election.  Loeffler and Warnock were the top two finishers in a crowded race that included almost 20 candidates.  Because of this, neither Warnock or Loeffler garnered anywhere close to the 50% of the votes needed to win in Georgia.  The reported early voting numbers should be in favor of Warnock, who needs a large portion of the early votes to go his way to win this race.  Loeffler will be hoping that election day numbers are just as high as they were on November 3rd, which would likely propel her to be re-elected to the seat she was appointed to in 2019.  Recent aggregate polling from FiveThirtyEight suggests that Warnock has  aslim lead, just under 2 percentage points.  Despite this polling trend, we predict that Loeffler will squeak this one out to keep the Senate in the control of Republicans by just 1 seat.

As this tumultuous election cycle wraps up, US Resist News will have continued coverage, as we expect the counting of these votes to take several days.  Additionally, come January 20th, 2021, there will be a new leader in the White House, and U.S Resist News will have all the coverage.

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