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Michigan-Part 1

2020 Congressional Campaign Update 2020 Congressional Campaign Updates is a new feature of USRESIST NEWS. It is intended to  help our readers follow Congressional   races in the House and Senate that are key to the ability of democrats to gain control of both houses...

Trump Signs Memorandum to Exclude Immigrants from US Census

Policy Summary On July 21, President Trump signed a Memorandum that would exclude undocumented immigrants from the US Census. Congressional districts are set to be redrawn in 2021, so this effectively bars undocumented immigrants from being included in this count....

Can the US Afford Not to Become a Nicer, Kinder Society?

Summary Many feel work to be a citizen’s right as well as a personal source of income and satisfaction.  Recently US unemployment has been as high as 14.7% though some experts estimate it actually may be as high as 20%.  Labor force participation has fallen to 60.2%. ...

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