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Corona Virus Update:The US Death Toll Reaches 150,000

COVID-19’s Status in the US As the coronavirus continues spread, cases are rapidly increasing in in at least 29 states. New hotspots are Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas. High hospitalizations, especially in the four mentioned states, have led to a shortage of...

The November Election is in Jeopardy and Trump is the Problem

By Charles A. Rubin The November Election is in Jeopardy and Trump is the Problem July 30,2020 Policy Summary In less than 100 days, Americans will be voting in what is arguably the most important election in our lifetimes. The continuing and potentially worsening...

Trump Deploys Troops to Chicago to Help His Re-Election

 By Erika Shannon July 28, 2020 Policy Summary The Trump Administration has announced a plan to deploy federal agents to several American cities as a part of “Operation Legend” and the so-called “Protecting American Communities Task Force.” The federal agents started...

The Corruption of Andrew Wheeler

USRN Corruption Blog Post  The Corruption Blog  digs into the details of the all-encompassing corruption of the Trump administration.  Post # 19 The Corruption of Andrew Wheeler  By Sean Gray July 27, 2020 The Environmental Protection Agency has a wide range or...
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