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On June 18, in a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court denied the Trump Administration’s longstanding endeavor to dismantle the Obama era immigration program that allowed nearly 700,000 young people to remain in the US and avoid deportation. The program known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) allows enrollees, “Dreamers,” to work, study, and remain in the US on a two-year renewable permit. Nearly 30,000 Dreamers work in health care and have been essential during the COVID-19 pandemic and 90% of Dreamers are employed and contribute greatly to the American economy. The Supreme Court addressed the Trump Administration’s failure to legally comply with the procedural requirements that it provide a reasoned explanation for its actions; this hubris enabled the Republican majority court to be more inclined to rule against the Trump Administration.

President Trump touted the decision as a “shotgun blast” into the faces of proud Republicans. He tweeted “we need more Justices or we will lose our second amendment [which is the right to bear arms] and everything else.” He has since promised to disclose a list of Conservative Judges to replace the current sitting Justices for his second term, should he be re-elected. Among many other progressives in the Court and legislature, the former Vice President and future Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, called the ruling a victory.

In some capacity, this decision came as a shock due to the Republican majority of the court but serves as an unmistakable reminder that the Trump Administration cannot be exempt from the Rule of Law and official procedures. The Trump Administration has sought to dismantle and curate a more stringent policy towards immigration from its inception. The efforts to reverse the DACA program were amongst its greatest aspirations and the Supreme Court judgment firmly asserts the American Dream and core values are more important than acquiescing to a bigoted and xenophobic administration.

Engagement Resources

  • The National Immigration Law Center: an organization that exclusively dedicates itself to defending and furthering the rights of low income immigrants and strives to educate decision makers on the impacts and effects of their policies on this overlooked part of the population.
  • Border Network for Human Rights: network to engage education, organization and participation of border communities to defend human rights and work towards a society where everyone is equal in rights and dignity.
  • World Health Organization: the WHO provides updated information surrounding COVID-19 and global responses
  • Center for Disease Control: the CDC provides updated information surrounding COVID-19 and the US responses
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