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COVID-19’s Status in the US

After the Memorial Day Holiday, where all fifty states had reopened in some capacity, the concern of a summer second wave looms. These fears are compounded by the National Institutes of Health announcement that warmer weather is unlikely to stop the spread of the virus, after previous hopes that the summer could provide some reprieve before flu season and a likely second wave. Fears of additional cases come on the heals of national outrage and protests demanding justice for a killed unarmed black man, George Floyd. Masses gathered in the thousands across every state in the US, it is hard for such gatherings and social distancing to coexist. Legislators are still contemplating another round of stimulus checks and business bailouts, with an agreement expected no earlier than July. The United States has already passed 1.8 million cases and over 100,000 deaths.

-Head to the Washington Post to see state by state restrictions-

COVID-19’s Status Internationally

South and Central America are experiencing an onslaught of cases. However many previously ravished nations appear to be controlling the virus, with the exceptions of the United States and United Kingdom.

Iran reported nearly 3,000 new cases on Monday, the highest daily rise in two months, prompting concern the nation will have another wave shortly. New Zealand is set to reduce restrictions after the nation passes eleven days with no reported cases.

After mass testing in Wuhan, China, officials report they have detected a mere 300 asymptomatic carriers and no new COVID cases. The first Rohingya refugee death has been reported after it was confirmed a 71 year-old refugee living in the densely populated Cox’s Bazar camp.


With businesses reopening and social distancing measures still in place, COVID-19 is expected to be a staple for the American people. Hope is found in the 133 current vaccines being developed across the globe. About 7 in 10 Americans say they would get a COVID-19 vaccine should one be developed and was both free and available for everyone, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll. While President Trump has set a goal for millions of doses of the vaccine to be available by the end of 2020, scientist counter the ambitious claim as being unrealistic even with researchers around the globe scrambling for a safe and effective vaccine. States will likely see if the reopening of businesses will be for the best or result in an influx of new cases.

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Number of COVID-19 cases and deaths as of June 2, 2020 – Consult the CDC or Johns Hopkins for an update in numbers.

Nation Confirmed Cases Deaths
Globally 6,339,005 378,266
United States 1,828,736 106,046
Brazil 526,447 29,937
Russia 423,186 5,031
United Kingdom 279,391 39,452
Spain 239,932 27,127
Italy 233,515 33,530
India 207,183 5,829
France 188,450 28,943
Germany 183,879 8,563
Peru 170,039 4,634


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