In this, the most important Presidential election in the history of our country, USRESIST NEWS is pleased to endorse Joe Biden for President. We are confident that Biden’s experience and strong character will enable him to defeat President Trump in the November Presidential election.

Joe Biden is the winner of the vast majority of state democratic primaries held thus far. He has amassed 1,507 democratic convention delegates, compared to his closest rival Bernie Sanders who has 984. Biden has received  63.3% of all primary votes cast (286,065). Sanders has received 16.5 % (74,755)

Biden has held senior US government policy-maker positions since 1972. He served as US Senator from the state of Delaware and was re-elected 6 times. He also served as United States Vice-President in the administration of President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017.

Over the course of his career Biden has played key roles in the development and implementation of legislation that addresses the key public policy domains covered by USRRESIST News, including civil rights, gender equity, health, education, the environment, gun control, immigration, and foreign policy.

He has extensive experience dealing with the two most pressing problems currently facing the United States: a global pandemic (Biden led the Obama administration’s efforts to combat Ebola virus), and an economic recession/depression (Biden helped lead economic recovery efforts that brought us back from the financial crisis of 2008).

Joe Biden also is a man of character known for his honesty, integrity, and compassion. Because he has been through so many personal hardships (the loss of his first wife and young child and later an older son), he has developed an ability to empathize with American going through hardship and loss as so many now are.

Recently there has been an unproven allegation that Biden, 28 years ago, sexually assaulted a Congressional staffer named Tara Reade. Biden has denied doing this, and continually responds to questions about the incident. He has said that he believes in the right of women to express themselves about such incidents and their right to a full investigation into what has been alleged. This response indicates Biden takes such allegations seriously and addresses them in a forthright manner. President Trump on the other hand has cursorily dismissed the more than 12 allegations of sexual assault and rape that have been lodged against him.

Supporting Joe Biden is the right thing to do at this time. The other major democratic candidates for President have endorsed Biden. They sense, as do we, that there is a need for democrats to close ranks in this election. For the past four years President Trump has conducted an assault on our democratic institutions and the rule of law. He has debased the role of president and divided our country at a time when we need to be united.

Joe Biden has the ability to unite America. He can appeal to disaffected voters in mid-America swing states, liberal and moderate elements in the Democratic party, and key elements of the Democratic base, such as African Americans and women. This ability to connect with the different Democratic party constituencies  suggests that large numbers of voters will turn out in support of him on election day. A large turnout will help ensure that the Democrats capture the White House, as well as Capitol Hill.

Go Joe go! We’re behind you.

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