Democrats, please don’t mess things up; please don’t blow your party’s chances to defeat President Trump. Doing so will bring us four more years of despotic chaotic governance and the inevitable end to our democracy and rule of law.

You are all politicians and well versed in the art of the deal; so the time is now to draw on

the political skills that got you here. I know that you have labored long and hard to capture your party’s nomination; and one of you is going to be successful; but whoever this person is, she or he must have the wherewithal to bring everyone else into the campaign fight; to construct a tent that  big enough for coastal liberals, mid-western moderates and well meaning conservatives ,disgusted by this president’s conduct, to join hands.

The goal of the democratic presidential campaign—to defeat President Trump—is much bigger than any of the many well-crafted policies  and plans each of you has put together; it is much bigger than the investment of pride that you have put into your campaigns; much bigger than the group of followers that you have amassed.

The time has come for you to coalesce; to join forces to honor the pledges that each of you made at the beginning of this campaign; to support whoever wins; and whoever wins must honor the same pledge; not begrudgingly; not without softening their stand ever so slightly so that others can feel good about it.

The real test of the ability of any one of you to lead our country is your ability to bring our party together.  To fail to do this will destroy the party as an effective opposition and present President Trump with a mandate to further destroy our democracy.

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