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In an interview with NPR, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated that Iran would not succumb to economic pressure by the Trump Administration. At this week’s UN General Assembly Zarif mentioned how Iran would not allow any foreign country to threaten Iran’s domestic law. This comes after the September 14, 2019 attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities.

At the Iranian Mission to the UN in New York, Javad Zarif spoke about how Iran has no intentions to meet or negotiate with President Trump or Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He also declared that if the countries were to speak, it should be at the International Criminal Court due to US Sanctions sending Iran into a state of starvation.

Zarif also directed his speech to the European nations of Germany, Britain, and France demanding they own up to the legal responsibility they have under the 2015 accord on Iran’s nuclear program, from which the US has now withdrawn.. Zarif demanded that these countries  ignore or break with US economic sanctions on Iran. He also called upon non-American oil firms to continue business with Iran in solidarity against US harassment.

Zarif also made it clear that if Iran’s oil was to be boycotted than why  should they care about the security of the oil of other countries? Zarif stated; “We will not invest in the security of the Persian Gulf if it is not secure for us, If we cannot sell our oil, why should we invest in other people’s security?”

The mentioning of not investing in other oil facilities security sends out a message based on the aftermath of oil and gas facilities being bombed by missiles and drones in Saudi Arabia. Both Trump and Pompeo have blamed Iran for the attacks calling it “an act of war.” However, Iran denies any allegations of being involved in the September 14 attack but has mentioned it could have been Yemeni forces (Yemeni forces are Iran-allied). The attacks at Saudi Arabia oil facilities was a message from Tehran to the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the world saying Iran will not fall to respond to threats from President Trump or Mike Pompeo.


Iran has no desire to negotiate with the Trump Administration. It is seeking to convince European nations and other world powers to stand up to US “bullying.” By not wanting to speak to both Trump and Pompeo, Iran has made it clear the she believes it is the US who is starting an act of war with the unfair economic sanctions being imposed on them.

The Iranian delegation’s purpose for their speech at the UN General Assembly was to strike a diplomatic offensive with European Unions  and others in defiance of the United States. They aim to have countries stand up against the US and more specifically, the Trump Administration. Seeing that the Iranian government has no interest in speaking with the United States, Zarif has declared that President Hassan Rouhani will meet individually with French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

President Trump’s behavior towards Iran might make other world powers stand on Iran’s side. With Trump deciding to abandon the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in 2018, Iran has concluded  that negotiating with the United States is a waste of time. Iran at this week’s United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) expressed the view that anyone can stand up the United States.
During his speech at the United Against Nuclear Iran Summit on 25 September, Mike Pompeo had said the United States is still open to speak to Iran and peacefully resolve issues. However, shortly after Pompeo’s speech the Trump Administration barred senior Iranian government officials and their family members from entering the United States. The Trump Administration talks about seeking a peaceful resolution while still imposing sanctions and negating visas to Iran. This type of erratic behavior from the United States contradicts Mike Pompeo’s talk of  a diplomatic resolution.

Why speak about making peace when it is clear the United States wants to mark her superiority through hostile actions. If President Trump continues to anger the Iranian government, there cannot be a peaceful resolution to America’s ongoing conflict with Iran. In order to seek peace you must stop all threats and diplomatically address the problems on the table. If not the People and all foreign powers will ask the question ; are continued hostile actions by the US proving Iran’s diplomatic offensive to be correct?

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