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President Trump recently suggested that the next meeting of the G-7 take place at the Doral in Miami.

Trump’s refusal to divest of private assets have created the impression of presidential profiteering since his inauguration. His struggling Trump National  Doral Miami resort in no exception. In a bid to lower the property’s value in 2018, a Trump Organization consultant cited an 18% decrease in revenue between 2015 and 2017, per The Miami Herald. Hosting the prestigious and globally visible 2020 G7 could change that in a hurry. A quick Google search reveals an average cost of a room in the 643 room resort at $193 a night. Assuming no increase in price in the next year, that would make the resort a tidy profit of $372,297 over the course of the three day retreat. This does not account for fees for catering, rental equipment or any other amenities befitting a foreign dignitary. It also doesn’t consider the boon hosting such an event could provide for the president’s property.

Trump spent this year’s G7 obfuscating discussions of global importance and bellyaching for Russia’s re-admittance. A year out from the next one, he has his sights set on further enriching himself at taxpayer expense. There’s little reason to think his agenda next year will be any more coherent. But at least in 2020, his priorities will be easier to pinpoint.

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Photo by Ludwig Schreier

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