By Ron Israel, Managing Editor of USRESIST NEWS and

        The USRESIST NEWS Team

Democrats need a  multi-faceted coordinated strategy to ensure that President Trump is defeated in the 2020 Presidential election. The strategy should involve taking on Trump on many different levels from his criminal behavior to his policy incompetence. And it should involve not just the Democratic candidate for President, but a range of other voices including losing Presidential candidates,  Congressional leaders, leaders of advocacy groups, such as Planned Parenthood, Voter Latino, and the NAACP, and others.

USRESIST NEWS  suggests that the strategy should highlight the following 12 reasons why Trump should not be re-elected. 

1 –  Failure to respond to the harassment and sexual abuse charges of 22 women, including one accusation of rape 

2-  Repeated lying to the American public about his policies, his relationships, and his character

3 – Failure to condemn the actions of white supremacists extremists and the thinly veiled promotion of their racist views 

4-Collusion with Russia, especially in the 2016 election, and continued efforts to obstruct investigations into said collusion 

5—Failure to protect the US from foreign cyberattacks 

6-Withdrawing America from the world family of nations,  alienating our closest  allies, and embracing Putin and other autocratic leaders

7—Undermining democracy and the rule of law 

8- Taking healthcare away from millions of Americans, especially from those who can’t afford it 

9- Degrading our environment and enhancing our use of fossil fuels 

10- Promoting American  income inequality through taxation policies that benefit the rich 

11- Criminalizing immigrants and asylum seekers, and separating immigrant children from their parents 

12- Harming the sales of  US businesses and farmers and increasing job loss through  zero-sum game trade wars with other countries



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