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President Trump Paves the Way Towards War With Iran

Summary On June 20th, the New York Times reported that President Trump had ordered a military strike against Iran but canceled it while the planes were in the air. “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will...

Trump’s Puerto Rican Attitude Problem

Policy Summary On May 6th, President Trump tweeted, “Puerto Rico has been given more money by Congress for Hurricane Disaster Relief, 91 Billion Dollars, than any State in the history of the U.S.” This became one of numerous claims the President made in regard to the...

Investigating the President

Angles of Impeachment  On June 10th, a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee featured testimony from former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean and a number of former US attorneys. The purpose of the hearing was to discuss the Mueller Report and the question of...

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