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Frustrated by a lack of action by lawmakers, presidential candidate Kamala Harris vowed swift action if elected president during a town hall in April. Her proposed action would give Congress just 100 days to pass sweeping reforms of gun legislation before signing her own an executive order.

In her April town hall , Senator Harris reiterated the importance of tightening gun laws in light of the many recent tragedies where no substantial legislation has ensued Harris’ plan would mandate obligatory background checks for customers of any dealer that sells more than five firearms in a year. Additionally, she aims to enforce stricter regulations on gun manufacturers. Her proposed plan would require Congress to act within 100 days of being in office or Harris would use executive authority to pass updated gun restrictions.

She also questioned why the mass shooting epidemic has gotten so bad in the United States that children are required to hide in closets at their schools for safety. She further criticized “supposed leaders in Washington” who have repeatedly failed to act and created a false choice between being in favor of the Second Amendment and taking all guns away.

Democratic presidential campaigns in the past, such as Hillary Clinton in 2016, gave very little mention to gun reformation. Harris’s proposed plan could be the beginning of a needed shift for future Democratic hopefuls.

  • Engagement Resources
  • March For Our Lives – an organization started after the Parkland school shooting which aims to unify advocates for gun control around relevant issues. You can also find more information about the  Road to Change tour on their website. Consider donating or canvassing during the midterm elections on these issues with this organization.
  • Everytown – A movement of Americans working to end gun violence and build safer communities.
  • Vote.gov – A resource to utilize if you need to register, are unfamiliar with voter ID requirements, or election processes so you can be ready by November.


This Brief was written by USRESIST NEWS Analyst Sarah Barton: Sarah@usresistnews.org

Photo by unsplash-logoAlejo Reinoso

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