Brief #46—Environment

Policy Summary
Scandals are swirling again for DOI Secretary Ryan Zinke, who just days ago compared Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King Jr. to Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Now, however, the Department of Justice is considering the potential prosecution of Ryan Zinke over his questionable behavior in his Department of the Interior role. The Agency currently has three open investigations into the secretary including questionable business deals with the chairman of oil firm, Halliburton and another regarding a mixture of lobbying and casino construction. The number of ethics violations Zinke is facing, is bearing a closer resemblance to those which former-EPA head, Scott Pruitt, was subjected to, as well. Though the probe is still in its beginning stage. Zinke, however is not giving much rise to the probe, and is calling it, “politically motivated.”

The Zinke probe comes amidst a flurry of other political moments for the environment. In a televised interview, President Trump disavowed both the science and the government that has legitimized information about climate change, but said that he believed climate change existed, though it fluctuated. And the EPA has planned to “accelerate” ozone pollution limits. But with elections coming up, many American environmental activists are trying to encourage some states to swing green. More still, in a surprising move, The Supreme Court has decided to hear the case brought before them by 21 youth, who are suing the government about climate change. 

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This Brief was developed by USRESIST NEWS Analyst Zoe Stricker. Contact:

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