Brief #45—Environment

The official death toll from Hurricane Michael is at 26 and counting as of last week, as rescuers continue to find bodies, and reports say many are still missing. The future looks tenuous for the Florida area that was devastated by the hurricane, with many concerned about their future housing security in demolished towns. The hurricane also indiscriminately destroyed an Air Force Base in a Florida city, which is raising concerns that climate change could also become a matter of national security.

While the man-made disaster has been devastating, it has almost done the impossible: convince some Republicans that climate change is real. Republicans living in areas that are experiencing changing weather patterns are starting to believe, and minds are beginning to change. Though, farmers in nearby Georgia are still debating whether or not the hurricane was caused by climate change or bad luck.

Hurricanes such as Michael may be a hit to American democracy, as well. With at least 200,000 people affected in this area, concerns have risen that those needing to participate in the November 6th election will face difficulties. Those living in affected counties may be able to have access to slightly more lenient voting practices in order to ensure the right restored. This all happens as the Trump administration asked the Supreme Court for the second time, to halt a Youth Climate Lawsuit. 21 young people are suing the federal government for their failure to act on climate change. The Supreme Court had previously denied the stay request, as well as the petition to overrule the case being moved far enough to be viewed before the supreme court, though this was before the appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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Photo by John Fowler

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