Brief #42—Health Policy

Policy Summary
This week, the Trump Administration enacted more regulations on Medicaid that would allow smaller states to tighten their eligibility requirements. This could push more people off of the Medicaid plans. The primary issue is the work requirement, which means people currently on Medicaid have to be seeking a job or currently in employment within six months of signing on to the plan. The other requirement is that beneficiaries cannot be participating in illegal drug use and they would be tested before they receive benefits from Medicaid. Since states set the requirements for Medicaid, the compromises and implementation of these requirements will be on a state by state basis. LEARN MORE

Policy Analysis
Most of the states that are planning to change Medicaid requirements are traditionally conservative, so this change wouldn’t be as hard hitting and broad as some other changes Trump has tried to make, especially around the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. However, in states like Kentucky, estimates have said that this could kick off as many as 95,000 people from coverage. This could have disastrous effects, not only to those being direct beneficiaries, but on children and other dependents, who rely on Medicaid for healthcare coverage. Not only that, but it could ultimately cost the healthcare industry and public taxpayers much more if people go without insurance and end up needing healthcare. LEARN MORE

Resistance Resources

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