Brief #39—Healthcare

Policy Summary
Early this month, the Trump Administration bullied other delegates into changing a World Health Organization resolution supporting the endorsement of breastfeeding in countries. The administration has been proven to have ties to companies producing breastfeeding alternatives, and this resolution would have dramatically hurt business in many developed countries. The resolution was aimed to encourage women to continue breastfeeding their young, as it has been proven to be the healthiest for mothers and newborn babies. Ecuador had been the first country to introduce the measure, but after being threatened with a loss of crucial military aid, they quickly dropped the resolution introduction. Several other countries have been reported to have withdrawn support in fear of falling into bad favor with the United States’. LEARN MORE

Policy Analysis
Not only does this policy discourage diplomacy and discourse, it allows Trump Administration officials to use intimidation tactics to push their agenda forward in the UN. This action also indicates the partiality that the administration has with all their business ties, but particularly companies producing breast feeding alternatives. The actions of the Trump Administration further convey the main aim of the administration, to get rich through political power. UN officials from the US ignore the positives of this resolution. Aiming to encourage more women to breast feed, especially in developing countries, normalizes the behavior and is much healthier for the development of babies in the currently underserved populations. In developed countries, it does the same, and encourages less waste and consumption of unnecessary products. This policy harms not only the US on a global stage, but it leaves behind the priority of women and children’s’ health. The actions threaten the relationship with the WHO, and the UN, which in turn alienates us further from the relative global peace the US has been able to establish within the UN. LEARN MORE

Resistance Resources

  • 1,000 Days Initiative-Learn about the importance of the first 1,000 days between a women’s pregnancy and the birth of her child and how certain health decisions (especially breast feeding!)  aim to reduce infant and mother mortality.
  • As always, contact your state’s elected officials and voice your concerns or support.  Regularly check social media to see how you can get involved in local protests and rallies.

This brief was compiled by Sophia Adams. If you have comments or want to add the name of your organization to this brief, please contact

Photo by: unsplash-logoWes Hicks

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