Brief #38—Healthcare

Policy Summary
On June 27th, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold the legality of anti-abortion or “pregnancy crisis” clinics. Currently, there are 3,000 clinics in operation around the country. Because of the prevalence of these centers, women will not be adequately counseled by healthcare professionals on their current breadth of choices surrounding termination of unwanted pregnancies. Anti-abortion clinics have often spread false information surrounding abortions and avoided informing women about the wide variety of contraceptive and termination options available for free or low cost. They are often falsely advertised as “clinics” but most of the mission relies on dissuading women from having abortions and using contraceptives–to the point of putting many women at unnecessary risk.  Ultimately, these clinics are misleading women about their healthcare options, but Justice Clarence Thomas and other conservative justices voted to allow these clinics to operate on the grounds of free speech. LEARN MORE

Policy Analysis
This decision was founded on the argument of the right to free speech, but seems to ignore the importance of women’s rights to safe and affordable healthcare. Limiting access to contraceptives and abortion harms families and limits choices for vulnerable women and families who do not have resources for additional children. This law also assists with the rampant spread of misinformation surrounding safe sexual practices. Additionally, access to birth control, termination information, and abortion services have been proven necessary for a sufficient national healthcare system. This case is only the first in what will become an assault on women’s rights to safe healthcare, and the nation’s right to education on safe sexual practices and options for birth control. The Trump Administrations’ and Republican Party’s religious platform should not limit the right of a woman to know the ramifications of pregnancies and the medical options available for birth control. LEARN MORE

Resistance Resources

  • Planned Parenthood-Support this organization’s cause to help people understand the importance of sexual health and family planning.
  • As always, contact your state’s elected officials and voice your concerns or support.  Regularly check social media to see how you can get involved in local protests and rallies.

This brief was compiled by Sophia Adams. If you have comments or want to add the name of your organization to this brief, please contact

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