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Brief #37—Health

Policy Summary
Due to the recent Trump policies enforcing a “Zero Tolerance” immigration stance, children have been separated and detained against their will from their parents at the border and around the country. This policy is troubling not only for its civil and human rights violation, but also the horrendous and long-term effects on the mental health of the children. One magazine suggests such traumatic experiences will create angrier and more aggressive children, and can even lower the IQs of these children.  Children have additionally been reported to have been drugged in these facilities, which can be deeply harmful to  long term mental health.  These behaviors are classified under an “adverse childhood experience” (ACE).

These zero tolerance policies are deeply disturbing and anti-American. Even more appalling are the long term effects of these traumatic experiences on children. Children will suffer incredibly difficult lives because the psychological effects of these detention centers, and the stress of possible deportation.  Research psychologists consider ACE to seriously affect children in their future lives as well, making it harder for them to obtain and keep jobs, stay in school, and ultimately keep people living below the poverty line and more reliant on government assistance. At a certain point some country will have to carry the social burden for the children affected by the “Zero Tolerance” Policy. If the US decides to keep these children the moral burden will be upon us. If these children are deported, their home countries, although ill equipped to do so, will have the responsibility handed to them.LEARN MORE

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