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Policy Summary

On Easter Sunday, before entering services, Trump took to Twitter to announce that there would be “no more DACA deal.” Speaking with reporters before going to church, Trump cited that an influx of Mexican border crossings, for which he has no evidence to back up, put a wrench in the deal; that Hondurans caravanning through Mexico are crossing to take advantage of the program, and that Democrats “blew their great chance” of securing the future of dreamers.


The tweet prompting discussion on DACA expressed frustrations with “ridiculous liberal laws” preventing Border Patrol Agents from doing their jobs, indicating that “no more DACA deal” is a retaliation towards Democrats, as well as a gross misunderstanding of what’s actually going on at the US-Mexican border. First and foremost, illegal border crossings are at a 46 year low, according to a Department of Homeland Security study. This would negate the notion that Border Patrol Agents aren’t able to do their jobs, as well as the idea that the influx of Latin Americans entering the United States illegally en masse. Secondly, the “caravans” Trump speaks of are groups of Hondurans migrating to Mexico City, ending their foot travels to safety there. Unfounded rhetoric like the content of this tweet is what continues to stoke anti-immigrant sentiments in the US that are founded upon false truths. Nevertheless, in the wake of Trump’s twitter tirade, the fate of DACA remains largely uncertain.

Engagement Resources

Get Involved with Here to Stay: Here to Stay is a campaign run by United We Dream aimed at defending DACA. The organization hosts local Defend DACA rallies and other events, holds community calls, and provides resources for understanding DACA, as well as mental health resources for anyone who is affected by Trump’s decision to end DACA.

Support the Center for Migration Studies: The Center for Migration Studies is a New York-based think tank that conducts crucial research on international migration patterns. The Center publishes journals, sponsors events, produces research for policy recommendations, partners with faith-based institutions to support migrants, and maintains migration archives. You can support the Center by donating here.

Contact Your Representative: Tell your representative how you feel about DACA! Click this link to find out who your representatives are and how you can contact them.

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