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Policy Summary:

In the past year, Trump and his administration have championed actions that threaten the right to adequate healthcare for women and LGBTQIA+ populations. The latest actions in the past month were found primarily in a report last week detailing the elimination of online resources for lesbian and bisexual health on the Department of Health and Human Services website.  The report, from the Sunlight Foundation’s Web Integrity Project, details major flaws in the HHS website. It details redactions made specifically related to health resources and fact sheets for lesbian and bisexual populations, with additional information on domestic violence, breast cancer, and men’s health. This action was coupled with rhetoric on the recent Supreme Court case (National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) versus Becerra) on faith-based pregnancy crisis centers misleading women about healthcare options relating to abortion. The case is being spearheaded by an action group called Alliance Defending Freedom, which is one of many Christian Anti-Abortion organizations. On the state level, Mississippi and Kentucky have banned abortions after the fifteenth (Mississippi) and eleventh (Kentucky) week of pregnancy. These bans have been struck down by federal judges, but it’s not too soon to question the other methods that these state legislatures have concerning banning abortions for women.  The NIFLA vs. Becerra case, coupled with Trump’s blatant support for Pro-Life movements and states banning abortions, leads one to question the status and future of adequate healthcare for women, especially those in marginalized groups, in this country.




Each of these actions has permanent impacts within the care for women and LQBTQIA+ individuals in the United States. The removal of resources and fact sheets on a website not only shows the true nature of support for these groups from the Trump administration, but it strips people of knowledge relating to their identity. This was one specific strategy in an entire plan that excludes marginalized groups from the HHS’s outreach. The impacts of NIFLA versus Beccera could be much more impactful, especially with Trump’s support for abstinence education and pregnancy crisis centers within Title X. If  NIFLA wins the case, then faith based pregnancy crisis centers could continue misleading patients, especially women from marginalized groups (lower socioeconomic class, minorities) in more populous places like Texas and California. These centers could become more prevalent and widely used than healthcare clinics like Planned Parenthood, and more women could be subject to unwanted pregnancies and misinformation about their sexual health.  Furthermore, Mississippi and Kentucky’s laws pushing up the banning of abortions from twenty to fifteen and eleven weeks has no founding in legal or medical precedents. This legislation shows the atmosphere within Republican legislatures and their willingness to dismantle abortion rights for women. Ultimately, the combination of these policies prove the continued apathy and negative effects of the Trump administration’s policies on women and LGBTQIA+ healthcare.


Engagement Resources:

Fenway Institute– Learn about how you can support LGBTQIA+ individuals and donate time or money to this organization that advocates for LGBTQIA+ healthcare.

Planned Parenthood-Support this organization’s cause to help people understand the importance of sexual health and family planning.

As always, contact your state’s elected officials and voice your concerns or support.

This Brief was compiled by Sophia Adams. If you have comments or want to add the name of your organization to this Brief please contact sophia@usresistnews.org.

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