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February 12, 2018

Policy Summary

On Monday, February 12, President Trump released a 2019 budget proposal. The proposal calls for massive cuts to social welfare programs such as food stamps, housing subsidies, and health insurance. Trump’s proposal would cut food stamp funding by almost 30% over the next decade. Part of these cost savings would come from a government initiative called America’s Harvest Box that would cut SNAP recipients’ benefits in half and instead deliver packaged, U.S.-grown, processed and canned food to the recipients, saving money but severely limiting poor American’s food options. The proposal would also cut the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by 14%, instate work requirements for housing vouchers, and cut Section 8 vouchers by nearly $1 billion. These changes would cause 250,000 low-income families to lose housing assistance. Trump also wants to cut health care for low-income Americans. The proposal would cut Medicaid funding by $250 billion over the next decade. LEARN MORE


While the budget proposal has a ways to go before becoming law, it reflects the President’s goals and priorities in office. He continues to cut taxes for large corporations and wealthy Americans while slashing welfare programs. Were the new budget to pass homelessness and hunger would grow among the most vulnerable populations, while rich Americans and corporations become richer. Many Americans would lose essential health care as well. Slashing programs that help the poor widens income inequality and limits upward mobility for poor Americans. Cuts like these were largely rejected in Congress last year and the budget bill that recently passed actually increased discretionary spending. Nevertheless, Trump’s budget proposal sets the bar for negotiations and reflects the priorities of the President. LEARN MORE

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