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Friday, December 15

This brief updates previous health briefs. For more information, please see the June 10th brief on the drafting of the rule and the October 12th brief on the issuing of the contraceptive rollback.


On Friday, Pennsylvania Federal Judge Wendy Beetlestone temporarily blocked the Trump Administration’s rules that allowed employers to deny contraceptive coverage to employees based on moral or religious objections. The administration drafted the rules early this summer and officially issued them in early October. Other states have sued to block the controversial rules. Judge Beetlestone argued that Pennsylvania is “likely to suffer serious and irreparable harm in the absence of preliminary injunction.” Others, like Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, argue that Congress has not changed the requirements in the ACA, so Trump’s rule is illegal and undermines women’s health. The rules are another way the Trump Administration is undermining the Affordable Care Act after the GOP’s inability to pass its own health care bill. LEARN MORE


Contraceptive coverage was required in the Affordable Care Act with few exemptions. Trump’s rules expanded exemptions for religious or moral objections and allow employers, colleges, and universities with student health plans to deny birth control coverage. Notre Dame University, for example, announced that it would stop providing contraceptive coverage to students and employees after the October ruling, but has since reversed the decision after facing backlash. The main ideological clash circles around who has the right to make decisions about contraceptives. Trump and some conservative organizations feel that requiring contraceptive coverage violates employer’s religious and moral freedoms. Opponents, like most Democrats, Planned Parenthood, and the United Nations argue that it is each woman’s right to have access to contraceptives so that she has the choice to use them or not based on her own religious and moral belief system and not that of her boss. LEARN MORE

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