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Draft Proposal of Repeal Plan
Released on October 4, 2017


Earlier this week, the Trump administration released a draft of the proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan (CPP). The CPP is an Obama initiative to regulate the power sector and curb the emission of climate-warming gasses, as well as specific carbon-cutting targets for corporations. While this draft represents the first substantial move toward repeal since the Executive Order in March, the draft itself contains little to no details about the process or the plans for the CPP replacement.  However, the assumption is that the replacement would contain fewer and weaker regulatory standards. The draft does not contain any legal justification for the repeal, and environmental groups are ready to file suit if weaker regulations are indeed put in place. Secretary Pruitt has said the EPA will accept ideas from the public on how to replace the CPP, although no venue has been created yet for public comment.


At this point, a repeal of the CPP with little to no justification would incite a legal battle with environmental groups. In smaller moves to dismantle environmental standards, courts have already answered accordingly. Just this week, a Northern California court judge blocked an attempt by Trump and the Interior Department to delay a rule of methane emission regulations from taking effect. The EPA also came under criticism by environmental agencies for missing the deadline for implementing rules for meeting ozone regulation standards. However, if Pruitt and the Trump administration were able to push a repeal through, they would most likely have to replace the current plan with looser regulations. This poses a problem for Pruitt and his consistent denial of climate change science. This is because the implementation of looser restrictions would require Pruitt to admit that CO2 emissions can damage the environment through atmospheric warming. Many think that Pruitt is unsure of how to proceed in developing a replacement plan, which is why he plans on taking public comments and ideas.

Engagement Resources

  • National Resource Defense Council – An organization dedicated to preserving the Earth’s resources has created a simple way to contact your representatives and oppose the repeal of the CPP.
  • Environmental Defense Council – An organization dedicated to solving big environmental problems. Their website has a graphic breakdown of the CPP and further details about its impact.

This brief was compiled by Megan Toney. If you have comments or want to add the name of your organization to this brief please contact megan@usresistnews.org.


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