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Nuclear Agreement Indecision


On September 18th, President Trump announced that the world would know “very soon” about the future of the JCPOA, commonly know as the Iran Deal. This agreement, negotiated by former Secretary of State John Kerry, stalled and prevented the Iranians from achieving nuclear weapons in exchange for removing sanctions on the country. President Trump campaigned on revoking the Iran Deal while both Secretary Mattis and Secretary Tillerson wish to remain. President Trump has until October 15th to announce his intentions to Congress. LEARN MORE


President Trump’s refusal to commit to a decision on the Iran Deal only fuels instability and endangers the world. While the Iran Deal isn’t perfect, it’s important to maintain the status quo until we have a better agreement or a new strategy. Yet the President continues to flip-flop on his policy, sometimes signaling he’d like to remain, and he also conflicts with other top diplomats and secretaries. Many experts believe the Iran Deal is working despite its flaws, and the United States can better punish Iran if we remain in the deal. President Trump’s ignorance in world affairs could spark another global crisis, and the United States is put in jeopardy because of it.

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