National Emergency Declaration
Announced on August 10, 2017

Policy Summary

On Thursday, August 10th at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, President Donald Trump announced the opioid crisis a national emergency. In addition to a symbolic gesture, this announcement allows the administration to allocate funding for expanding treatment facilities, waive some federal rules and restrictions, and supply police officers with anti-overdose strategies and equipment. The Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis recommended declaring the crisis a national emergency more than a week prior to Trump’s announcement. Trump’s delay caused some doubt as to whether or not he would make the call. LEARN MORE


With an estimated 2.6 million addicts, most people agree that the U.S. has an opioid problem. However, not everyone agrees where to point blame or focus funding. Attorney General Mike DeWine filed lawsuits against five of the largest pharmaceutical companies for getting patients in Ohio hooked on prescription painkillers, which is often the start of an opioid addiction. Ohio is one of the states most affected by the crisis, along with New Hampshire, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Rhode Island. While most are hopeful that Trump’s announcement will be the beginning of the end of the opioid epidemic, some are concerned that his policies will focus too much on incarceration and not enough on getting addicts the treatment they need. LEARN MORE

Engagement Resources

  • Fed Up – Learn more and rally for federal response to America’s opioid crisis.
  • Network for Good – Explore different councils, advocacy groups, and education programs aimed at ending addiction in the United States. Donate, volunteer, and speak out against drug abuse.

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