Earmarked Funds
Set to Expire on September 30th, 2017

Policy Summary

Secretary of State Tillerson has refused to sign-off on $80 million of appropriated funds to combat propaganda. In 2016, the State Department created the Global Engagement Center (GEC) to fight ISIS misinformation campaigns. Its purview now includes Russian propaganda and fake news, and Congress authorized more funds in order to achieve this goal. Tillerson must approve of the $80 million before September 30th or the funds will expire and the GEC will dissolve. Tillerson has not issued a statement regarding his refusal. LEARN MORE.


The Secretary’s feckless and irresponsible diplomacy is reaching new heights with this obstinate move. First, the GEC is a bipartisan and interagency program dedicated to protecting our domestic and international security. With increasing digital threats by our adversaries, this program is more important than ever. Instead of protecting our democracy, Tillerson is worried about Moscow’s response. Coupled with his mismanagement of the State Department, endless contradictions between him and the President, and objectively-nefarious ethics violations, Rex Tillerson is doing serious damage to an organization which needs strong leadership now more than ever. Learn more about the destruction of the State Department.

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This brief was compiled by Jacob Malinowski. If you have comments or want to add the name of your organization to this brief please contact jacob@usresistnews.org.



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