Bipartisan efforts in Congress

Policy Summary

After another GOP failure on the health care front, members of Congress resorted to more incremental legislation. Congress is working across the aisle to counter President Trump’s threats to encourage the implosion of Obamacare and cut off subsidies for health insurers known as cost-sharing reduction payments. Without these subsidies that help low-income people afford care, insurers would be forced to raise premiums. Congress is working to block Trump from cutting off these subsidies and disrupting insurance markets. Recently, the Senate also approved F.D.A funding, voted for $3.9 billion in spending on urgent problems with Veterans Affairs, and passed the Right to Try bill, which expands access to experimental treatment for the terminally ill. The bill passed the Senate 94-to-1 and is expected to pass the House as well. LEARN MORE


These congressional advancements can be attributed to the increasing cooperation among Congress members. The bipartisan developments in health care are possible because both parties agree that health law needs to be improved, and the GOP’s failed attempts at repeal and replace prove that these improvements will require cooperation. Instead of GOP leaders and Trump against Democrats and moderates, the tables seemed to have turned on Trump, who now faces a more united Congress. In this new face-off, Congress is actively passing legislation the President opposes, whether in health care or other issues such as new sanctions on Russia, or impeding Trump’s ability to fire special counselor Robert Mueller. LEARN MORE

Engagement Resources

  • Pew Research Center – More and more Americans are supporting single payer health coverage. Learn what this means and how Republicans and Democrats feel about the government’s responsibility to provide health coverage.
  • Universal Health Care Action Network – Learn more, subscribe, find links to news articles, and find local networking and advocacy groups to promote affordable health care.
  • As always, contact your state’s elected officials and voice your concerns or support.

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