Executive Decision
Issued on July 19, 2017

Policy Summary

Before President Trump’s July 9th meeting with the G20, the administration decided to conclude an operation that provided weapons to anti-Assad rebels in Syria, according to senior administration officials. President Obama initiated this secret program in 2013 through the CIA in order to establish military credibility in the region and bring Bashar al-Assad to the negotiating table without committing American forces. The rebels have slowly lost ground in Aleppo, Syria’s capital, and continue to struggle against Assad. Since the program is unofficial and confidential, neither the White House nor the CIA officially confirmed that the President shut down the program. LEARN MORE.


Although the program failed to meet its expectations, canceling it was a clear giveaway to the Russians. Russian President Vladimir Putin, along with antagonists in Iran, support the ruthless Assad regime. Despite claims from the United States and Russia, the two nations colluded in order to reach the ceasefire agreement (a naive idea in itself). The Russians are interested in global power, autocracy, and Western resistance. ISIS will continue to advance as President Trump gives up on the rebels. Ending this program is not in the interests of the United States nor the Syrian people; President Trump is sacrificing democracy for a false and dangerous partner. LEARN MORE 

Engagement Resources

  • The White Helmets — A neutral and unarmed group of volunteers who risk their lives to provide medical assistance to the wounded in Syria.
  • Save the Children— An NGO that helps tens of millions of children across the globe –especially in Syria.
  • Amnesty International — Amnesty International conducts international research, advocates on behalf of the oppressed, and carries out campaigns to protect the vulnerable from human rights’ infringements.

This brief was compiled by Jacob Malinowski. If you have comments or want to add the name of your organization to this brief please contact jacob@usresistnews.org.



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