Congressional Vote
Senate expected to vote early July

Policy Summary

While the Russia investigation and other scandals exploit much of the media attention, big developments may be taking shape in healthcare. The only problem is that no one knows what exactly these developments are. Instead of traditional bipartisan committee hearings, meetings with health experts, and input from industry leaders, small, select groups of Republicans are working on the bill behind closed doors, leaving Democrats and even some Republicans completely in the dark. The frustrated Republican senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, told NBC News “If you get a copy of it [the healthcare bill], will you send me a copy?” A Quinnipiac survey revealed a disapproval of the bill that passed the House by a margin of 62-17. This is not surprising considering the CBO report estimates that 23 million fewer Americans would be insured over the next decade and the money saved from over $800 billion in Medicaid cuts would be used to cut taxes for the wealthy. LEARN MORE


Republicans could be employing the same strategy they used to get Trumpcare passed the House: release the bill hours before the scheduled vote and before CBO reports can be completed. The House vote on the healthcare bill took place less than 24 hours after leaders released the finished bill and three weeks before the CBO compiled a report. Many frustrated senators from both parties are finding it difficult to gain media and public attention on the issue because it is hard to report on a lack of information. Many are worried that by the time the bill is released and gains media attention, it will be too late. LEARN MORE 

Engagement Resources

  • MoveOn – This site provides opportunities to resist Trump and Trumpcare in a variety of different ways. Sign petitions, call senators, learn more, donate to the cause, etc.
  • As always, contact your state’s elected officials and voice your concerns.

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