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After the failure of Trump’s American Health Care Act, some conservative Republicans are calling for work requirements for Medicaid Beneficiaries. The Kaiser Family Foundation update says least four states including Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania have formally submitted waiver requests to require work as a condition for Medicaid eligibility. Each state’s proposal differs slightly but none have been approved. Florida, which is currently one of the toughest states to get Medicaid coverage, is eying new work requirements as well. Indiana, Montana, and New Hampshire offer voluntary work program referrals to adults covered by Medicaid, and some states are considering follow those models. LEARN MORE


Supporters, like health and human services chairman Rep. Travis Cummings, argue that the requirements are “an effort to encourage people to work and take their health care more seriously” and that Medicaid is eating up too much of the budget. Others argue that requirements could increase program costs if individuals are denied coverage and then need emergency care. If the work requirements were implemented, monitoring and enforcing them would be difficult and costly. Overall, the impact of Medicaid work requirements is not expected to be very large as the majority of Medicaid recipients who are able to work already do. LEARN MORE

Engagement Resources

  • Contact Your State Officials – Voice your opinion on the matter to the people who make these important decisions!
  • Families USA – Learn more about Medicaid and how it affects families. Families USA supports the expansion of Medicaid to boost state economies and strengthen the health care system.

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