Budget Proposal
Released on March 16, 2017

Policy Summary

House Speaker Paul Ryan proposed a budget estimate for 2017 that cuts funding to a wide variety of domestic priorities in order increase funding for the Department of Defense by $30 billion dollars and the Department of Homeland Security by $3 billion dollars. The projected results of this move are discussed across USRESIST NEWS. The increase in funding to the DHS is intended to enable the enforcement of the executive orders passed by President Trump that have already been addressed on this site, but the budget would also impact Trump’s immigration plan through its cuts to several agencies that are essential for the enforcement of immigration law such as FEMA (by 11 percent), the Coast Guard (14%), and the TSA (11%).  LEARN MORE


This combination of impacts would suggest either that the Trump administration is more concerned with the arrival of undocumented immigrants from Mexico by the land border than by sea or by plane, or that they are less concerned with stopping the flow of undocumented immigrants than they are with the appearance of fulfilling campaign promises (building the wall and increasing funding to securing the physical border). In 2016, the Coast Guard intercepted 6,346 undocumented immigrants, resulting in a 320% increase in demand for Coast Guard assets to train Central American forces in interdiction efforts. The budget ignores this developing trend in immigration. The budget also appears to be counterintuitive to Trump’s promises to help local law enforcement enforce immigration laws, as it includes eliminating the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, which reimburses jails for the short-term detention of undocumented immigrants.

 Engagement Resources

  • Indivisible Guide – This guide, put together by former congressional staffers, provides extensive advice on the best way to make your voice heard by your local representatives, which could be crucial in determining the fate of this budget proposal.
  • Resistance Manual – Crisis Resources – If you know someone who is facing immigration troubles, please share this compendium of legal resources and relevant nonprofit organizations with them.

This brief was compiled by Oliver Bjornsson. If you have comments or want to add the name of your organization to this brief, please contact oliver@usresistnews.org.



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