Budget Plan
Announced on March 13, 2017

Policy Summary

Donald Trump’s new budget plan proposes cutting 13.5 percent or $9.2 billion from education, removing $2.4 billion in grants going towards teacher training and $1.2 billion earmarked for summer and afterschool programs. The budget blueprint reduces or eliminates funding for need-based aid for college students, federal work study, and grant programs for low-income, disabled or first-generation students among other cuts. This paves the way for $1.4 billion to go towards a school choice program, which will ramp up to $20 billion per year; $250 million will be sent to a private school choice option and $168 million will be sent to charter schools. $1 billion is set to go to the federal Title 1 program. LEARN MORE


“An assault on the American Dream,” is what John King Jr., education secretary under Barack Obama said of Trump’s proposal, noting the cuts “will disproportionately harm the poor and children of color.” Trump is negating issues as dire as college affordability and accessibility ultimately taking over $5 million in support from needy children. For the 1.6 million children who participate in the after-school programs set to lose funding, some say this means losing the program that increased their likelihood to graduate and excel in the labor market. In tandem with the cuts to teacher training, this could impact the overall quality of education children would receive; all for the controversial school choice program. LEARN MORE

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